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Cory 'Ray Future' Christie is an Inspirational songwriter and rapper. His music reaches multiple genres that include West Coast Rap, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, and Spiritual Inspiration. He was born September 1, 1995, and raised in Olathe, Kansas, USA. As a young boy, he was active in competitive sports of soccer, baseball and football and used music as a motivator to get “pumped up” before a tournament and championship games. By the time Ray Future was 14 years old, he was inspired by Eminem’s song “One Shot” as his motivational song of choice.

Ray Future has two older sisters, his father is a registered nurse in the field of Psychiatry, and his Mother ran an in-home Day Care business throughout most of his childhood. In October of 2004, The Christie family supported a fundraising project for the establishment of an Oxford House. Organized by his Aunt, the fundraising event included a Halloween carnival, haunted jungle, and featured songwriter, producer, and entertainer Montel Jones performing his hit single “Jungle Slide”.

Ray Future’ interest in becoming an entertainer and his love for music was realized by time spent freestyling with his friends in his parent’s basement. On a Friday night in the spring of 2015, Montel Jones called Ray Future’s father and asked if Cory would be interested in spending a Saturday afternoon in the studio. When asked Ray Future responded with “Yea, this is MY One Shot”. By early evening the next day, Ray Future had written and recorded his first song, “Meditate”.

With his “you do you and I’ll do me” nonjudgmental philosophy Ray Future hopes that through his music he may help others to enjoy life a little more each day than the day before, share a message of hope to those in troubled times, and share a message of inspiration to all who listen to his music. With songs like Fully Equipped, Hype, and Mediate, he and his music certainly will.